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Back in June '16, I invested a meager $10k in a gold explorer. My friend vouched for it, and I got 66,667 shares @ 15cents and 66,667 warrants to buy additional shares for 3 years @ 20 cents.

Six months later, I sold the shares for a 13 dollar loss, but the warrants stayed with me, like a free rollercoaster ride.

Money was tight, and the market cruel. Breaking even felt like a win.

Life went on, and in Mar '18, the stock soared to 55 cents. I sold my warrants, pocketing $22.8k for a home. Life was sweet.

But fate had other plans. The company expanded, drilling more and acquiring land.

Boom! A goldmine found in August '18 – 16.35m of 26.91 g/t Au. The stock began an ascent to $29 by 2022.

That company? Great Bear Resources $GBR.V

I missed the golden ride, but my $10k COULD have turned into $3.867M.

Lessons learned: Know your treasure. Trust your friends. Stick around for the party.

Mining's a game of chance, but with focus, connections, and an open mind, you can strike it rich.

So, no regrets. I'm an early party leaver, but I've had my lucky breaks.

Grateful to a friend Doug Ramshaw for the 15c chance, and congrats to those who held on.

The best outcomes come from the best deals. Keep exploring.