Québec Innovative Materials Corp. (CSE: QIMC) (Frankfurt: 7FJ) (a.k.a. “Qi Materials”) recently announced that it has received a permit to further expand work on its high grade on surface Charlevoix Silica Project. It was an 8 month process and further expands the capacity to deliver even more high-grade material. This permitting is in line with the Québec government’s green supply chain strategy, and expands the QIMC’s operations and ability to deliver even more high-grade silica to clients who have been eagerly waiting for this.

Qi Materials is a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development company rapidly advancing toward a near-term industrial mining production scenario on its portfolio of high-grade SiO2 properties in Ontario and Quebec.

Over the coming months QIMC will continue to provide silica feed from its Charlevoix project in Québec to various industry participants, while it juxtaposes development efforts to ready the River Valley project in Ontario and the new Charlevoix discovery zones. The new discovery zones 3, 4, & 5 at Charlevoix are preferable (over the established Zone 1 & 2) as they are higher purity and are confirmed without permitting issues, 100% outside any hunting & fishing zec. Property zones will be stripped clean and various surveys conducted as needed with the intention of going operational. Important to note is that Qi Materials has exceptional community relations, the recent permitting affirms this understanding.

Demand for reliable high-purity quartz/silica feed is increasingly critical for companies such as nearby Montreal-based HPQ Silicon Inc. which is developing several new advanced silicon innovation processes that will drive the future (see related news release "QI Materials Delivers Additional Samples to HPQ Silicon Inc." and "QIMC Contributes to HPQ Silicon Battery Initiative", among others), such as GM and Ford which are building new EV battery plants nearby (next gen lithium silicon anode batteries offer improved performance and capacity), such as solar panel glass manufactures and a myriad of other applications (ceramics, building materials, foundry and metals, coatings and polymers, chemicals, filtration and absorbents, etc.). CSE:QIMC is set for upside share price revaluation to better reflect its strategic positioning, able to provide crucial feed. Of particular note is the October 11, 2023 joint press release from HPQ Silicon and Pyrogenesis entitled "Successful Silicon Pour and Validation of All Critical Milestones in HPQ PUREVAP™ GEN3 QRR Testing" confirming continuous pour at scale of 2N+ silicon and achieving one-step 3N+ battery-grade silicon -- this technology is the future of silicon production.

Qi Materials has also prioritized its recently acquired 100%-owned River Valley Silica Property, 65 Km northeast of Sudbury Ontario, to be advanced toward fast-track production (see related October 11, 2023 news release "QI Materials Procures OptiSim Mining Solutions for Engineering and Production Services"). River Valley has no permitting issues, it hosts a substantial quarryable body of 98% - 99.9+% pure SiO2 proximal roads and rail infrastructure.

QIMC currently has a nominal market cap of ~C$2.3M (~73.91 million shares trading near ~C$0.03). The company has sufficient capital on hand to accomplish all exploration and development goals for 2023 and into next year. The share price of QIMC is poised for upside revaluation as the significance of what Québec Innovative Materials Corp. possesses is better appreciated by the market. A good comparable for investors in QIMC to look forward gravitating towards is that of Homerun Resources Inc. (HMR), a silica pure-play out of Brazil -- HMR trades with a marketcap near C$40M; Comparably QIMC is on par for silica and is out of North America, which affords certain advantages. QIMC has simply been under-the-radar, however now with the moves its making to advance key assets combined with continued expressions of intent from client HPQ and others, it appears only a matter of time before QIMC gravitates significantly higher in share price (several multiples current) and trade closer to parity with HMR.

Figure 1. (above) -- QIMC has various grades and types of feed stock, mined from its Charlevoix project, prepped and ready for delivery to clients requiring silica according to spec. Visible in the image above in the bags up front and in the insets are large crystalline-like chunks that are milled to specification; in HPQ Silicon Inc.'s case they are very specific: X size, at X grade, X-sort of dimension, roundness angularity, etc. -- reports are they are very pleased with the product being delivered. In the image above, any weathered look is attributed to surface exposure -- simply crack below the surface and the silica is much more translucent white. The rows of bags further to the back are finer material, a by-product of processing the main batch -- this material would go to a different client such as an asphalt company; no waste.

Figure 2. (above) -- QIMC's mobile refining processing plant for custom batches, with inset of current world market pricing* (*annotated by Mining MarketWatch Journal). For reference, the product processed in the bags seen up front in Figure 1 would likely command somewhere between US$225 - $500/tonne, depending on specs -- certainly offering quality margins for QIMC once operational at scale. HPQ is able to take the feed from QIMC and upgrade it using proprietary technology to US$500 - $5000/tonne range product, HPQ can produce the value-added product significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any current process being employed now in the world.

QIMC has a MOU with HPQ Silicon Inc. whereby QIMC provides feed stock for HPQ’s various processes, currently in various stages of development. HPQ is a technology firm that is on the cusp of literally revolutionizing several multi-billion dollar industries. Market Equities Research Group believes the market cap of HPQ is poised to propel ~10X (to well over C$1B) as its various verticals advance over the next couple years. The fact HPQ approached QIMC to secure its high-purity silica feed speaks volumes. Prior to using QIMC, HPQ was sourcing feed from private operators that charged horrendously for the uniquely rigorous specs HPQ needed.

The activities of HPQ are centred on three key verticals:

1) Becoming the lowest-cost (capex and opex) manufacturer of high-purity silicon (2N+ to 4N) using HPQ’s proprietary PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR).

2) Becoming a green, low-cost (capex and opex) manufacturer of fumed silica using HPQ’s proprietary Fumed Silica Reactor (FSR).

3) Developing a small and compact process for on-demand green hydrogen production created through the hydrolysis of silicon and other materials.

HPQ needs QIMC’s feed in order to satisfy its clients and partners that it can deliver product.

Figure 3. (above) Aerial photograph of one of the Charlevoix Silica Project Zones.

The following URLs have been identified for additional DD on Qi Materials:

Company website: https://www.qimaterials.com

Recent Mining Journal review: https://miningmarketwatch.net/qimc.htm

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