Interview with Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc.

Investing insights and a warning. The global economy is not OK and at some point the cracks can't be plastered over. How do retail investors protect themselves? What should they be doing as cash goes negative?

We talk about digitising gold and the practicalities. Plus what is his call on physical gold price. What no screamingly alarmist headline!  Grosskopf does not need headline grabbing statements to get noticed. He has carefully brought process and data to the way Sprott functions and is now at the helm of the 'last man standing' in the natural resources space. So when it comes to gold price, we're listening to this guy and ignoring the sensationalists.

Interview highlights:

  • Background Story of Peter and His Involvement with Sprott
  • Fixing a Problem: Focusing on the Different Needs of Investors
  • Last Man Standing: Securing Revenue Streams
  • Emotion, as Significant Influencer in Investments, Removed?
  • Power to Move Sentiment and Markets: Sprott Investments, Always Calculated or Left to Chance?
  • Investment Decision Making Ecosystem: Parallels with Retail Investors
  • Digitisation of Gold: How Will it Work, Who Will Have Access to it?
  • Gold Price Predictions and Pragmatism
  • Concerns for Present-Day Markets and Geopolitical Decisions to Come
  • Hedging: Optionality for Investors
  • Are Investors Prepared for What's Coming in the Near Future?

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