Nickel Market Insight with Mark Selby, Nickel Market Commentator and CEO of Canada Nickel Company (TSX-V: CNC). Mark Selby joins us to discuss the latest news in the Nickel market. We discuss:

1. Market Update:

  • INSG data is out - Chinese demand has almost fully recovered, Nickel supported by COVID-19 mine closures, and an earthquake near Sulawesi is helping support ore prices.

2. Market Info:

  • Tesla are using an LFP battery in one of their Chinese models - is this sign Nickel going to be substituted out like Cobalt?

3. Industry News: 

  • Don't look now - the two best low-grade nickel deposits quietly acquired in Australia during the past month
  • BHP bought the Honeymoon Well project from Norilsk - no price published - Rumour has it they were looking for $100M previously
  • OZ Minerals are paying $76M million for Cassini Resources on the remaining 30% of Nebo-Babel project.

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