Cabral Gold (TSXV: CBR) discovers the high grade Alonso gold zone on the 1Moz Cuiu Cuiu gold project. Alonso is 3km SE of the MG (400koz) gold deposit with surface rock samples averaging 91.7 g/t gold and thumbnail sized gold nuggets being panned from the streams.

Alan Carter, President & CEO stated “These surface results from the new and previously unknown Alonso target located just 3km SE of the MG gold deposit, are truly spectacular and unprecedented in our exploration efforts at Cuiú Cuiú. Whilst I must stress that it is very early days for this target, the fact that we are finding highly anomalous levels of gold in streams up to 1.5km west of the discovery location suggests this target could be very significant. These results, together with our recent drill results from MG and Central, should dispel any doubts regarding the presence of significant high-grade mineralization at Cuiú Cuiú.” 


Trading Symbol: TSXV - CBR